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Secure online documentary space

Centralize your documents in a common, secure and reliable online space. Create exceptional documents in just seconds. Jarvis' documentary fusion saves valuable time for unparalleled quality. We protect your back against cyber threats and carry out backups for you.

collaborative software

Create and edit your documents inWorddirectly

With Jarvis, create documents from your custom templates in the blink of an eye. You promote the firm's documentary heritage and facilitate the work of your teams.

Custom Templates

No need to be an engineer to create and customize your document templates. You position the tags with a single click. You ensure they are using the latest, up-to-date versions and thus reduce your firm's legal risk.

Microsoft 365 integration

Work directly in Word to edit and create your documents. Use Word Online or the version installed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You work in familiar applications.

Secure file shares

Exchange large files securely and without relying on third-party solutions. Large files are exchanged via secure link and protected by password and expiration date. Recipients are notified by email so they don't miss anything.

Auto merge

Select the template that suits you and start editing. That's all. Jarvis merges the information from each tag and inserts it automatically and without manipulation into the final document.

Full search

The search is carried out on all of your documents, including their contents. Make your searches easier, find the right documents quickly. Capitalize on the work already done by your teams.

Collaborative space

You and your teams access a common document space which contains the latest version of the desired document. You edit it together and in real time. Say goodbye to endless email back and forth.

Available and attentive customer service

Data hosted exclusively in France

GDPR compliance guarantee

Available on Mac, PC and mobile


Professional documentary space

Accessiblewherethat you are

Fully hosted in the Cloud in France and secure, your documentary space is accessible at any time and from all your devices. You can access it wherever you are and at any time. It's all the more practical since you can do it from your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. The powerful search function saves you considerable time and effort. There is only one file version for each document. All your collaborators thus access the same version of a file and can work on it collectively and in real time.

Document Merger

Edit your documents ina few seconds

Don't waste any more time writing your documents by starting from a previous version and manually modifying the names of each stakeholder. Take advantage of intelligent and efficient document fusion to save time and write documents of exceptional quality. You choose the model, the language, and Jarvis takes care of merging the requested information for a breathtaking final result. In just a few seconds, the document is ready to send.
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Centralized library

Sharea common document library

Improve the legal security of your company or firm by sharing a common library of models with your teams. You ensure that they use the most up-to-date models of regulations and case law. The natural harmonization of operating habits promotes the implementation of best practices. Each member of the team, each interlocutor feels better supported and reassured in carrying out their missions through better security in documentary production. This is a significant gain in terms of efficiency as well as a source of greater involvement for each of them.

Accelerator of your
digital transition

With Jarvis, your project comes to fruition in just a few days. You are supported by our teams before, during and after installation. You quickly save several hours of work each day. The return on investment is immediate.

Ready-to-use solution

Our solutions are operational and already equip thousands of colleagues, in France and abroad. Everything is done to ensure a smooth transition while preserving the smooth running of the office.

A caring team

From the start, a project manager and a customer care expert support you in setting up the project. They organize the project and the retro-planning, from data migration to the training of your employees. You are in good hands.

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Facilitator of your digital transformation

More automation.lesswaste of time

Accelerate your digital transformation with a solution entirely hosted on the Cloud, in France. Forget long and tedious deployment projects. You get started in just a few minutes. Take advantage of Jarvis Legal immediately and digitalize your firm to be operational in all circumstances. You have constant access to your files, invoices and documents, wherever you are, from any device and at any time. Even offline.

A true Cloud solution developed for legal professionals, you reduce your costs. Computer equipment such as NAS or servers is no longer necessary, you reduce investment budgets and operating costs. You conserve your cash flow and maintain room for maneuver.

A relationship based onconfidence

Already used by thousands of colleagues in more than 30 countries.


Master Anne-Charlotte Moulins

Alter Avocats - Bordeaux

Tracking times is child's play. It's almost a pleasure! Easy and quick, even from my mobile. The same goes for my colleagues. We save a lot of time!

clemence michaud lawyer

Maître Clémence Michaud

Lawyer - Bordeaux

With Jarvis Legal, I can focus on essential tasks and developing my clientele. Instantaneous handling thanks to super professional trainers.

DESHOULIERES Etienne-_MPP7084-small

Master Etienne Deshoulieres

Deshoulieres Avocats - Paris

Getting started with the Jarvis platform was very quick. Each lawyer in the firm manages their billing. I just have to validate the invoices. I dramatically reduced the time I spent dealing with invoicing.