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Electronic signature for lawyer 

Jarvis offers electronic signatures for lawyers using the eIDAS standard for legal enforceability recognized by the European Commission. Signing contracts and official documents has never been so simple and quick!


Electronic signature

Practical andsecure

Mobility and remote working are becoming more and more essential in your daily life but also in that of your clients. This is why Jarvis has equipped itself with an electronic signature module which allows you to send your documents to be signed to your clients, contacts or even colleagues.


Have your documents signed in 3 clicks: select the document then the signatories and place the signature labels in your document. The signed document will be automatically downloaded to your Jarvis drive.


Place as many signature labels as needed anywhere on the document. For their part, signatories can choose a predefined signature or sign freehand.

Real-time notifications

You are notified by email as soon as a signatory has signed the document and when all signatories have signed it. The latter are informed by email when the final document is ready.


End-to-end encrypted, the signing process is protected by 2-factor identification. Recipients receive a unique link by email then a security code by SMS to guarantee their identity.

Available and attentive customer service

Data hosted exclusively in France

GDPR compliance guarantee

Available on Mac, PC and mobile

Recipients 3-min copy

Full integration

Electronic signatureintegratedto your lawyer software

Directly integrated into your document management space in Jarvis, this functionality allows you to have any document in PDF format signed in just a few clicks. All you have to do is select the recipients, place the corresponding signature labels and that's it! Recipients receive a notification email to access the document and sign it electronically and securely using a security code sent by SMS.

Real-time notification

Electronic signaturenotifiedinstantly

Once the document has been signed by all the signatories, you will receive a notification email and the signed document will automatically appear in your document management space in Jarvis. Getting a document signed has never been easier!
Recipients 3-min copy
Edit perfect fee agreements and invoices

Time saving and professionalism

Digitizeyour office

With the electronic signature for lawyers, you will be able to offer a new experience to your clients. You or your customers will no longer have to travel to sign documents: Time saving, flexibility and modern spirit.

In just a few clicks, the document is put online and signed.


Accelerator of your
digital transition

With Jarvis, your project comes to fruition in just a few days. You are supported by our teams before, during and after installation. You quickly save several hours of work each day. The return on investment is immediate.

Ready-to-use solution

Our solutions are operational and already equip thousands of colleagues, in France and abroad. Everything is done to ensure a smooth transition while preserving the smooth running of the office.

A caring team

From the start, a project manager and a customer care expert support you in setting up the project. They organize the project and the retro-planning, from data migration to the training of your employees. You are in good hands.

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Jarvis users worldwide

Legal and legal value

In France andEurope

The electronic signature for lawyers falls within a strict and regulated legal framework. En Europe, it is via the eIDAS regulation that the electronic signature takes on its legal force and via its transcription in articles 1366 and 1367 of the civil code in France.
Only solutions offered by certified trusted partners provide electronic signatures with legal value. We rely on these trusted third parties for our solution.

A relationship based onpartner

Already used by thousands of colleagues in more than 30 countries.


Master Anne-Charlotte Moulins

Alter Avocats - Bordeaux

Tracking times is child's play. It's almost a pleasure! Easy and quick, even from my mobile. The same goes for my colleagues. We save a lot of time!

clemence michaud lawyer

Maître Clémence Michaud

Lawyer - Bordeaux

With Jarvis Legal, I can focus on essential tasks and developing my clientele. Instantaneous handling thanks to super professional trainers.

DESHOULIERES Etienne-_MPP7084-small

Master Etienne Deshoulieres

Deshoulieres Avocats - Paris

Getting started with the Jarvis platform was very quick. Each lawyer in the firm manages their billing. I just have to validate the invoices. I dramatically reduced the time I spent dealing with invoicing.



For 8 years, Jarvis Legal has been investing in the legaltech ecosystem to put innovation at the service of legal professionals, in France and internationally.


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