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Gain productivity with Microsoft 365

Evolve in familiar applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint and preserve acquired reflexes and your work habits. Jarvis, lawyer software with integrated Microsoft 365.


Microsoft 365 integration

Earn inproductivityin writing your documents

The ultimate integration! The meeting of Jarvis Legal and Microsoft 365, two reference solutions for legal professionals and lawyers. You have the best of each solution, perfect integration, smooth in daily use. 

Full search

Facilitating searches and finding the right documents quickly are now concrete realities. Keywords and expressions are searched everywhere, including in the body of firm documents.

Collaborative editing

Edit all your documents in Word, together and in real time. You see live what the other speakers are capturing, you divide the work between yourself. Coordination has never been so simple and efficient. 

Synchronized files

Access the firm's documents, up to date and at any time, regardless of the equipment available. Choose the folders to sync. You remain operational in all circumstances, you deal with emergencies as soon as they arise.


Maintaining document versions allows you to identify changes made to a document at a glance. You validate that the active version of the document is indeed the version to communicate to the client or, failing that, revert to a previous version

Available and attentive customer service

Data hosted exclusively in France

GDPR compliance guarantee

Available on Mac, PC and mobile

Complete documentary research

Value itcultural heritage.of the cabinet

How much time do you waste searching for the right document? Too much. Enjoy a smart search able toanalyze the content of all documents and group together the most relevant results. Allows you to search by keywords ou expressions in all cabinet documents, including their contents

Customizable synchronization

Take yourdocumentseverywhere with you

Jarvis and Microsoft 365 let you choose which folders you want to sync for access wherever you are. You preserve your computer's storage space by choosing to synchronize documents locally or if you want to access them online. Select the desired synchronization type by folder, subdirectory or individual file.

The intelligent synchronization module manages version conflicts for you and preserves your documents.

OneDrive sync
Word 365

Writing documents

Take advantage of an online creative spacecommon

Forget the multiple versions of a contract sent back and forth by email, with as many versions as there are recipients. And the mistakes that come with it and waste your time. Prefer a tool like Jarvis which, in addition to automatically merging documents from your own models, allows you to collaborate with several people in real time. Everyone sees on their screen what the other(s) are capturing and can intervene live. You are very efficient and progress much more quickly. You obtain a finalized version in a much shorter time frame and without version or sending errors. The same version of a document is available to all participants in a file. Everyone has access to it and can make the necessary modifications without disrupting the work of others.

Accelerator of your
digital transition

With Jarvis, your project comes to fruition in just a few days. You are supported by our teams before, during and after installation. You quickly save several hours of work each day. The return on investment is immediate.

Ready-to-use solution

Our solutions are operational and already equip thousands of colleagues, in France and abroad. Everything is done to ensure a smooth transition while preserving the smooth running of the office.

A caring team

From the start, a project manager and a customer care expert support you in setting up the project. They organize the project and the retro-planning, from data migration to the training of your employees. You are in good hands.

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Jarvis users worldwide

Moving forward together

Unity is strength. If she is goodcoordinate

Take advantage of a set of collaborative and synchronized solutions to create the conditions for success for your teams. From editing documents online and with others to managing team tasks, including the secure videoconferencing service, document sharing and notifications, your teams have intuitive and particularly practical tools to move forward efficiently. efficient and coordinated.

A relationship based onpartner

Already used by thousands of colleagues in more than 30 countries.


Master Anne-Charlotte Moulins

Alter Avocats - Bordeaux

Tracking times is child's play. It's almost a pleasure! Easy and quick, even from my mobile. The same goes for my colleagues. We save a lot of time!

clemence michaud lawyer

Maître Clémence Michaud

Lawyer - Bordeaux

With Jarvis Legal, I can focus on essential tasks and developing my clientele. Instantaneous handling thanks to super professional trainers.

DESHOULIERES Etienne-_MPP7084-small

Master Etienne Deshoulieres

Deshoulieres Avocats - Paris

Getting started with the Jarvis platform was very quick. Each lawyer in the firm manages their billing. I just have to validate the invoices. I dramatically reduced the time I spent dealing with invoicing.



For 8 years, Jarvis Legal has been investing in the legaltech ecosystem to put innovation at the service of legal professionals, in France and internationally.


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