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The digital service of documents

Jarvis and Delivract combine their services to simplify the process of serving documents by bailiff. Commissioning a study to serve your documents has never been so quick. File tracking is finally centralized in a single interface. 

Interprofessionality cropped

Delivract integration

The firstdigital gatewaybetween lawyers and justice commissioners

Interprofessionality finally materialized to speed up the service procedure and simplify the monitoring of mandates. Everything happens from your Jarvis app. It's disconcertingly simple and particularly fast. Completely secure, the integration of the Delivract solution offers all the required legal security.

Accelerated process

Appoint a bailiff in a few clicks, directly from Jarvis. The acts are directly linked to the mandate from the Drive

Secure exchanges

Guarantee of permanent conservation of exchanged documents, GDPR compliance and data sovereignty

Standardized procedure

The procedure is identical with all bailiffs. The judicial card is applied automatically. Progress monitoring of mandates is grouped in a single screen

National Network

The delivract network is made up of 130 Bailiffs and 400 employees spread across 73 offices, regularizing 450.000 acts each year.

Available and attentive customer service

Data hosted exclusively in France

GDPR compliance guarantee

Available on Mac, PC and mobile

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Dematerialization of mandates

Appoint a bailiffonlinesimply

Save valuable time by appointing a bailiff directly from your Jarvis application. The contact details of the people to be notified are automatically included. Documents related to the mandate are selected from Jarvis Drive. It's quick and easy.

Management of mandates


Mandates are updated in real time, giving you the information you need when it's needed. You save time thanks to the monitoring table centralizing all of your mandates. You know where you are in the blink of an eye. 

20210311 Jarvis x Delivract mockups followed

The strength of the Delivract network

Security legal and technologicalunmatched

A network of 130 Bailiffs covering all metropolitan Courts of Appeal, permanent conservation of documents exchanged and perfect compliance with the GDPR guarantee you a Premium service for your firm


Accelerator of your
digital transition

With Jarvis, your project comes to fruition in just a few days. You are supported by our teams before, during and after installation. You quickly save several hours of work each day. The return on investment is immediate.

Ready-to-use solution

Our solutions are operational and already equip thousands of colleagues, in France and abroad. Everything is done to ensure a smooth transition while preserving the smooth running of the office.

A caring team

From the start, a project manager and a customer care expert support you in setting up the project. They organize the project and the retro-planning, from data migration to the training of your employees. You are in good hands.

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Moving forward together

Unity is strength. If she is goodcoordinate

Take advantage of a set of collaborative and synchronized solutions to create the conditions for success for your teams. From editing documents online and with others to managing team tasks, including the secure videoconferencing service, document sharing and notifications, your teams have intuitive and particularly practical tools to move forward efficiently. efficient and coordinated.

A relationship based onconfidence

Already used by thousands of colleagues in more than 30 countries.


Master Anne-Charlotte Moulins

Alter Avocats - Bordeaux

Tracking times is child's play. It's almost a pleasure! Easy and quick, even from my mobile. The same goes for my colleagues. We save a lot of time!

clemence michaud lawyer

Maître Clémence Michaud

Lawyer - Bordeaux

With Jarvis Legal, I can focus on essential tasks and developing my clientele. Instantaneous handling thanks to super professional trainers.

DESHOULIERES Etienne-_MPP7084-small

Master Etienne Deshoulieres

Deshoulieres Avocats - Paris

Getting started with the Jarvis platform was very quick. Each lawyer in the firm manages their billing. I just have to validate the invoices. I dramatically reduced the time I spent dealing with invoicing.


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