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In this discussion with an expert, we will show you how Jarvis allows you to manage your practice more efficiently using theGenerative AI for lawyers.

Adopting Jarvis allows you to be more available to your customers and teams.

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At Jarvis, we take a “security by design” approach. Which means that all our developments are carried out by placing data security at the heart of our approach.

Our servers are hosted in several data centers protected 24 hours a day. They are exclusively located in France. We ensure your application is always secure via HTTPS protocols and 24-bit AES keys for communications.

Yes. Your data is backed up several times a day. Backup sets are kept for several weeks and can be restored at any time, upon request.

Yes, you can decide to upgrade immediately. Your Customer Care will assist you in changing the terms of your subscription.

The more you commit, the bigger the discount! Choose between a 12, 24 or 36 month commitment to lower the price of your licenses.

Yes. Jarvis is available in French, English, Spanish and Dutch. 

Yes. Everything is included in your subscription. You always have the most up-to-date version and the latest news. 

Of course ! You can communicate with our customer care team from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. by email, chat or telephone.

Yes. We organize online webinars. A different theme is covered in each session. Registration is free.

We also offer on-demand training, remotely or in person, at the request of our customers.

Yes. We import all your data and documents into Jarvis. Your history is totally or partially included according to your requirements.

Yes. At Jarvis, we implemented measures early on to ensure full GDPR compliance. We ensure regular monitoring and make the necessary updates to guarantee you a compliant environment.

We organize online demos of Jarvis, depending on your availability. This demonstration generally lasts 45 minutes and is based on practical cases from the firm. To schedule your personal session, click on the following link: Book

SaaS software like Jarvis offers many advantages:

  • It is accessible via a simple browser and therefore naturally compatible with your Mac or PC
  • It does not require installation
  • You reduce your IT costs by getting rid of obsolete servers and IT equipment
  • You benefit from regular updates and a product that is always at the forefront of innovation

If you have subscribed to a 12-month subscription, your payment will be annualized. If you have subscribed to a 24-month subscription, your payment will be biannual.

You can pay for your subscriptions by credit card. You can also choose another payment method such as direct debit or bank transfer.