TONI, the AI ​​for lawyers sovereign and fully secure

TONI automates the creation of contacts, matters, times, appointments, and carries out chronological analyzes of the documents in a matter.

You can ask him anything, TONI does it for you. Hours turn into minutes while preserving the excellence of the firm.

AI Jarvis

What took you hours
only takes a few minutes

TONI opens new perspectives by allowing you to achieve phenomenal time savings on a large number of tasks. Your potential is increased tenfold. It's like you have new resources. Unlimited.

Already available to accompany you
in your daily tasks

Ask TONI, he does it in seconds! Create files, query the analysis of a document, create charges from PDF invoices... Save hours thanks to available automations

TONI realizes many tasks for you

Why click if TONI can do it for you? Ask them to carry out time-consuming, boring but necessary tasks for you such as creating a contact, a fixed-price file or the chronological analysis of documents received from a client


Describe the conventional termination procedure that I will then send to my client.

Summarize this text of laws, official bulletin or article online

Convert last week's appointments into billable activities

Analyze clause 5.1 of the contract that I have just sent to you and write an alternative proposal by supplementing it with the necessary elements

Complete this paragraph and add a glossary at the end of the page

Explains what conservatory seizure is, its objectives, its legal context, its prerequisites, its types, its procedure, its effects and consequences

Calculate the issue premium for the following case: Share capital: 400 euros – Par value of the securities: 000 euros – Actual value of the securities: 100 euros – Potential contribution: 150 euros

Walk me through the stages of a conventional breakup and the associated deadlines. For each of them, create a task with the date calculated if the termination is signed on the 28th of this month.

Create an expense from these train tickets that I took to visit my client Mr. Dumas

Write a response to this email that suggests a meeting date next week

List of 5 article ideas for a LinkedIn post relating to the ELAN law

Plan a communication campaign on social networks over the next 4 weeks

What are my next appointments today? 

A tailor-made offer for every lawyer

Select the best offer for your practice.
Each member can benefit from a separate license.

From only €35 excluding tax per user/month


35 €

per month per user

Get started on the right foot with Jarvis, the all-in-one app for lawyers. Bill clients on time


45 €

per month per user

Never miss an email, an appointment and work from anywhere with Microsoft XNUMX two-way synchronization

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The most popular


65 €

per month per user

Boost practice productivity with intelligent and collaborative features

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Optional modules

includes TONI, the AI ​​for lawyers


110 €

per month per user

Automate your actions with TONI. Your assistant will carry them out for you in record time.

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Optional modules

Need help choosing the most suitable subscription?


Cyrielle Morvan

Labor lawyer, Valencia

Finally, intuitive and operational software allowing me to have access to all my files, even on the move! My job is really made easier. Jarvis Legal has become absolutely indispensable. I recommend


Marine Venom

Real estate construction law lawyer, Bordeaux

Software that has significantly improved my file management! Responsive team, product in constant progress.
I've been using it for several years on Mac, and it's an essential addition to my job.



Social law lawyer, Colmar
Very good application, easy to use, accessible and functional. the price is also quite reasonable. Customer service is present, and the software is constantly evolving for more functionality.
ai conversation

Start a conversation,
TONI takes care of the rest

Directly integrated with Jarvis, TONI is available whenever you need it. It’s as if new collaborators had joined the firm 🎉


Always available

The virtual assistant you've been waiting for is finally here. TONI supports you in numerous tasks, at the legal, commercial, marketing, communication level, etc.

Specialized in law

Specialized in law

Configured specifically to meet the requirements of legal professionals, TONI is a full-fledged post-graduate collaborator. He knows the context in which your firm operates. 


Gift of ubiquity

TONI multiplies for you. Have him work on several subjects in parallel. He carries out the synthesis, writing or reformulation work for you. All you have to do is check and validate the work carried out.

connected to internet

Sovereign and secure

Our servers operating the generative artificial intelligence engine are located in France. No data or conversations are used to train or improve the AI ​​model.

pocket assistant

Everywhere with you

Accessible from your iOS or Android smartphone, TONI accompanies you on your travels, wherever you are. The ultimate pocket assistant that answers your questions in all circumstances, especially when you need it most.

natural conversation

Natural conversation

Via integrated voice recognition, the discussion begins naturally. Without manual entry. You exchange with TONI as with a traditional collaborator, by framing their objectives and the context of the file.

Available and attentive customer service

Data hosted exclusively in France

GDPR compliance guarantee

Available on Mac, PC and mobile

Have it done by TONI

Save time by asking TONI to carry out time-consuming and tedious tasks for you. No more entering contacts, creating files, or manually tracking time. Now you ask TONI to do it for you. 

Better yet, you can combine actions, such as creating a contact from a business card and associating a new file with it which will be billed as a flat rate. A new world opens up to you. 

Analyze your documents in a few seconds

Court decisions, legal texts, sets of conclusions, commercial contracts, general conditions, customer letters, etc. 

TONI analyzes all your documents in seconds and responds to you based on what they contain. It's amazing how easy and quick everything becomes!

Outlook Jarvis Legal
Jarvis Outlook

Reply to your emails 5x faster

With Smart Reply for Outlook you respond to your emails 5x faster than you did before. You will save between 1 to 2 hours per day while providing quality answers

Value on your expertise

Create your own library of prompts to save time. You capitalize on previous files and similar cases. No need to type anymore, you click on the appropriate request and that's it! You can improve your prompts as you use them and become even more efficient.

Guarantee of data confidentiality as part of our statistical study

We would like to reaffirm our commitment to protecting and guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data we use as part of our statistical study. Our team is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of the information you entrust to us, and we understand the importance of preserving the confidentiality of both your personal and professional data.


To do this, we have implemented rigorous security measures that comply with industry best practices, as well as current regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

All personal and sensitive data is anonymized or pseudonymized before being processed in our study. In this way, it is impossible to associate the study results with a specific individual or company.

Only a limited number of members of our team who need access to the data to conduct the statistical study have access to it. All these members have signed strict confidentiality agreements and have received adequate training on data protection.

The collected data is stored on secure servers, protected by advanced encryption and firewall systems. In addition, regular backups are carried out to prevent any loss of data.

Once the statistical study is completed, all collected data will be deleted from our systems in accordance with legal retention periods and our internal company policies.

We are committed to being transparent about data use and responding to any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like more information about our privacy policy or have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

The trust you place in us is essential to us, and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the protection and confidentiality of your data.

What our customers think

A relationship based onconfidence

Already used by thousands of colleagues in more than 30 countries.


Master Anne-Charlotte Moulins

Alter Avocats - Bordeaux

Tracking times is child's play. It's almost a pleasure! Easy and quick, even from my mobile. The same goes for my colleagues. We save a lot of time!

clemence michaud lawyer

Maître Clémence Michaud

Lawyer - Bordeaux

With Jarvis Legal, I can focus on essential tasks and developing my clientele. Instantaneous handling thanks to super professional trainers.

DESHOULIERES Etienne-_MPP7084-small

Master Etienne Deshoulieres

Deshoulieres Avocats - Paris

Getting started with the Jarvis platform was very quick. Each lawyer in the firm manages their billing. I just have to validate the invoices. I dramatically reduced the time I spent dealing with invoicing.

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