Lawyer and telecommuting? Yes it is possible but not just anyhow!

Home-office and Lawyer, compatible and more if affinity.  

Until a few months ago, lawyer and telecommuting were not two words we thought we could associate. A lawyer works in his office, no matter how big or small, he is in the office. However, since March, the Covid crisis19 has brought to light a practice already in force among a majority of lawyers who were unknowingly teleworking, often handling their cases in the evening, on weekends or very early in the morning, from home, without any legal software to help them.

Teleworking, which is less constrained than in other professions, is now beginning to attract more and more lawyers, starting with the youngest among them. There are two reasons for this shift, which was already perceptible before March and even more so since then: a personal life that is already highly digitized; a more precarious personal/professional life balance.

According to a survey conducted by our teams this summer, 75% of the lawyers plan to start working in their firm in the coming months and for 25% of them for more than 2 days a week.

But, who says remote work, says adaptation of its work tools.

A laptop, of course, but also the use of new tools for communication and information sharing. Of course, tools for the general public already exist in this area: WhatsApp for rapid exchanges with customers, the use of drives to save and exchange documents, videoconferencing to compensate for the absence of face-to-face meetings (Zoom, Skype, etc.).

Yes, but what about data security and compliance with the RGPD regarding these tools accessible to all? Wouldn’t a tool specific to lawyers be more adapted and more secure? Wouldn’t a single « multi-tasking » tool be easier to use? Not to mention the time saved and the greater ease of organization and therefore management of working time?

The vision of telework by Jarvis Legal, legal software.

Jarvis has anticipated all of these issues in order to best support the profession and secure it in this new way of working. A new way of working from any location as if you were at your office.

How is it going to work? In the simplest way possible thanks to its full web solutions. Better. You can now also work locally without an internet connection thanks to the Jarvis box. As soon as you find a connection, all the data is synchronized with your cloud.

Finally, Jarvis is also a secure video conferencing tool to guarantee the confidentiality of your exchanges with your customers, making its offer a complete range of products and services that brings together all the uses of remote working in a single tool.

And because the human remains at the heart of our concerns, even more so in these times of « all dematerialized », and because it is important for us to maintain a form of relational relationship at the heart of our business and yours, Jarvis is also and above all a team that remains at your disposal to accompany you in this new transition and way of working.

It is the use of all of its functionalities around a team at your service that makes Jarvis a pioneer of the virtual practice.

This is the « Jarvis » recipe for promoting personal and professional life balance, for limiting health risks and for saving time and reducing fatigue (travel, etc…).